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Each and everyone of you have helped us with our Nepal project, whether it be through financial donation, helping with transport, or a kind word, it’s too much to list here. We wish to kindly thank you for the support, and also on behalf of the people we will be able to help: thanks to all of you!

The goods would have been shipped earlier, but after hearing the tax free declaration period expired per Monday the 22nd, our costs increased by an estimated 1.000 – 1.500 €. Sadly we heard this at a few days notice (outside of office hours on Friday night) so arranging a transport was impossible on short notice (we even spoke to the army/air force). We tried getting those costs together, which has been going pretty well so far! Thanks to friends, family, colleagues, publications in local newspapers, and so on.

Gamers help Nepal

Saskia flyed to Nepal together with her mother end of August (they have payed for the tickets and Visa themselves, we just use the donations for transport/taxes/relief goods). Etihad Airlines was kind enough to give us a discount on excess luggage, which helps us reduce transport costs drastically!

And now the final stage of our Nepal project is in sight, after much blood sweat and tears! 24-8 Monday evening at 20:30 o'clock was the last bag poles on the tape with oddly shaped luggage at Schiphol! Being helped in a fantastic way by Etihad Airlines, we had to carry our own stuff (I used one arm because of those pesky torn tendon), but they knew and directed us straight to the relevant conveyor belts.

2 Contributors to the goods check-in counters were also made available separately for us, making the 260 kg (authorized by Etihad, the surplus we give to a contact of ours who also has a transport that way soon) was labeled in no time and went to the cargo space.

So far a short impression from our journey to Nepal.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned! 

Rene "liQuidmoTion" Treur


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