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White Nights ConferenceOnly a few months ago GS Group presents their newest gaming product during the DevGAMM Moscow 2015 international conference. On June 26-27, 2015 the GS Group investment and industry holding company presented its updated prototype as well as the first game, released exclusively for the new gaming platform. Presentation was held within the White Nights Mobile & Social Games Conference.

GS Group St. PetersbourgSD-Gaming has a growing network with contacts all over the world. One of our contacts is the GS Group Russia, formerly known as the General Satellite Company, St. Petersburg. We are proud to present their latest news on their newest gaming product.

Renaud "SrT" Feigenbaum is a well-known CS: GO player from France. Thinking of retiring is absolutely not the reason he writes about topics concerning e-Sports. Renaud likes to do research on interesting subjects. 

Joshua ForbesDoes E sports have any secrets left nowadays? According to Joshua Forbs, founder of e_sportleague and guest writer for SD-Gaming, YES there is. Enjoy the article and share if you feel like it but....publish the source: SD-Gaming.com. Support E sports together with us.

TsoaCAs promised a interesting follow-up from our critic Tsoac. Tsoac exceeds himself by clearly and critically trying to formulate an answer to he BIG question every gamer asks: "Do I have a future? (Written with the focus on FPS a-like games). No doubt, Pro-Gaming has a future.

TsoaCTsoaC is known in the Netherlands as a writer on various subjects. Politics, Economics, Philosophy or Entertainment: it is part of his oeuvre. New subject of his interest is Gaming. And: TsoaC has his own and unique opinion on it. Not a standard one, but certainly worth thinking over. Today TsoaC asks the question: “Does Gaming have a future?”

Michael Evil Marmotte BoomWelcome to a special from SDG. Today Michael "Evilmarmotte" Boom shares with us his experiences with the founding and development from the French organization LanExperience.  


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