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Oliver FedkeMeet Mister Oliver Fedtke. Oliver is 37 years old and an online marketing professional from Düsseldorf, Germany. His experiences include 3 years as head of online marketing for conference organizer EUROFORUM. The Competitive Gaming Conference is his brainchild and his idea is to connect E sports with leading global businesses.

SakuThis is the third article written exclusively for SDG. This time we are welcoming Ren HM, an E sporter from France. His gamertag is “S4KuR4” and you pronounce it as "Sakura". S4KuR4 is passionate about video games and especially about League of Legends.

e-sports leagueThis is the second article written exclusively for SDG. Our writer is an Australian ex Counterstrike player, world ranked for a season. He has a clear view on how you can become a Pro-Gamer. Please enjoy the article and share it if you feel like it.

AxeltossAs from today you can enjoy a great new series of interviews with people who are involved with e-Sports all over the world.  As promised we publish the first artikel written by our American blogger Alexander "Axeltoss" Rodriquez. Alexander has a clear way of seeing things, enjoy!

Slightly Different Gaming (SDG) is a new E-sports organization, based in the Netherlands and becoming active at the moment Peter Gordijn and Maria Hannema founded the company Slightly Different Gaming VoF; with some support of consultancy company Slightly Different B.V.. E-sports is a fast growing worldwide branch and entertains many millions of people. How will SDG make the difference?


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