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It has been awhile since we last spoke with René Treur, former competitive CS player and currently the most popular CS host and commentator in the Benelux. A lot has changed in a year, so we decided to catch up with him once again, especially as he recently started a project to help earthquake victims in Nepal with his girlfriend.

Good morning René, how have you been since we last spoke?

Great! Despite my fulltime job, girlfriend and sports activities, I still regularly have a chance to commentate and host Pro Evolution Soccer and Counter-Strike events in the Benelux, and sometimes even outside. Despite of my inactivity since 2008, organisations -  such as your own ;-)  -  always still know where to find me! I do not think I can ever completely retire from the gaming scene, I feel I keep getting better at what I do and still feel excitement for each event I visit.

Great to hear! Now let’s get straight to the gist of this interview, what is up with the Nepal messages we have seen pop-up on your Facebook and on gaming websites?

I’m glad you ask! In December (2014) I met a fantastic girl (Saskia van der Drift), who is basically the one who single-handedly started this project. The main reason for this is that she visited Nepal for 3 weeks, and her flight back was one day before the first massive Earthquake. Soon enough she found out what happened, and that among others the guide who helped her get down from the Mount Everest just in time when she suffered severe altitude sickness, lost his house, and is living on the street with his entire family. This is in a nutshell why she feels the need to help the people there, despite falling so ill she nearly lost her live she still describes it as the best holiday she ever had. Mainly because the country is (was) so beautiful, and the people are so very kind over there.

Rene & Sylvia

What exactly do you guys do to try and help?

When I saw how much all this affected Saskia, I obviously felt the need to help her. And if that was not enough motivation, by now I have received several heart-warming messages of people in the conflicted area who found out what we are up to and stil