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SDG CS:GO 2nd at Ghent eSports Festival!

At an incredibly hot Friday the 3th of July our SDG CSGO team from the Benelux traveled to the First eSports Festival in the beautiful Ghent, Belgium, to compete against the best teams in the Benelux, including some French teams, for the number #1 spot in this tournament. Teams like Deadpixels, LowLandLions, AT-Gaming attended this beautiful event, which was held in the magnificent Ghelamco Arena; I've never witnessed such an astonishing environment for a Benelux LAN event!

Esports Event Gent, the Ring of the Arena

After getting our competitors bracelets and settling down at our seats we noticed the heat wouldn’t make it easier for any of us during that weekend. In the evening the tournament finally started and we were seeded in Group D with Ekidachy, Fragbyte and a BYE. The first match was against Fragbyte which was an easy 16-0 victory for our boys. The second and also the last game of the groups was against Ekidachy, a mix of talented players which again resulted in a quick 16-1 victory making us first in our groups (giving us a small advantage into the brackets).

Thank god everything from the brackets on were a Best of Three which made games a lot more interesting. Our first match of the brackets was against the Belgium team Arius which we won 2-0 in maps advancing us to round 8, facing Mojo. Mojo was actually sitting right next to us which meant we had to move to the other side of the table so that we could play the match fair and square. After a quick moving around with our computers and gear we started the game. Again we won the match quite easy: 2-0 in maps.

Esports Event Gent - concentrate guys!

But... we knew next game would be a lot tougher! Waiting for us in the upper bracket semifinals was LowLandLions. Unfortunately, we never managed to gain momentum to close the game and for the first time ever we lost 2-0 in maps against LLL knocking us to the lower bracket; but still in the race!

As always the lower bracket is a Best of 1 which can be really random at times. First off we faced AT-Gaming2 in the lower bracket semifinals, which we won convincingly. Already another crucial enemy was waiting for us: Brussels Guardians with our ex CSGO player and dear friend Dono. We managed to pull in the win against our close friend, knocking him & Brussels Guardians out of the tournament. In the meantime LowLandLions played against Deadpixels in the upper bracket finals and lost 2-1, and as a result we had to face them again! This time we crushed the LowLandLions team, leaving them behind at the 3th place.

Esports Event Gent - SDG CS:GO team in combat

The Finals! We had to play against Deadpixels, an insanely good team from France. As we came from the lower bracket and Deadpixels from the upper, they started with a 1:0 advantage. Match 2 was played on our home map, de_cbblestone! We won the first half starting as CT's with 10 to 5,  giving us a boost to settle for the win of this tournament! We even managed to increase our lead: 13 to 5. But from that moment everything snowballed against us. Deadpixels gained momentum and a firm grip on the game winning round after round all the way up to 13-15 in favor of Deadpixels. We did manage to win the next round making it a 14-15 match, hoping to win the next round pushing it into overtime, but Deadpixels managed to stop our A-Push, finishing with 14-16.

Even though we couldn't bring home the first place we are still very happy. The event was such an incredible experience, you can only hope for more of these events in the Benelux which will help lift up eSports as an serious offline sport.

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