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The Spanish SDG Team Burn faced some problems attending this tournament. TC Riiacha had to find a one-time replacement for their AR slayer and also the team was in the midst of changing from Xbox to PS4. Read the review of our TC Riiacha: 

Despite this event was practically 2 months ago, it is never too late to share a review with our fans on how this event went. To be honest, the Open LAN Event wasn’t (again) as decent as you might espect. In past events there were made mistakes, lots of them, which made the competition sometimes unfair and others incomprehensible. This time we faced the change we had to play suddenly a  Best of 1 (Bo1) instead of the standard Best of 3 (Bo3) when we were in Round of 16 because there was a lot of delay; but we will talk about this later, let’s start from the beginning. 

SDG Team Burn at Gamergy, December 2015

Our team was composed of Sparky, RyuZ, FranZz (as a temporarely replacement of LupiizLee) and me. We had a free win in the 1st round, so we were unable to play and get familiar to our line-up. 

When the 2nd round came, we played against some old friends, so there was a lot enthusiasm but also rivalry. It was a Best of 3 (Bo3) series, as usual. First map: Fringe Hardpoint. Since the start of the game we did not lose the lead of the game, despite they nearly took the advantage at some point. Finally, we ended up winning with approximately a 60-point lead, so that meant the 1-0 up. 

Then we got into the second map, Search and Destroy Infection. Honestly, we had 0 practice at all with FranZz, which was reflected on the results game. Nevertheless, our opponents did an amazing performance sweeping us up in an 1-6 game. 1-1 tied in the serie. 

Evac Uplink (the third map) was decisive in order to advance to the next round. To be honest, we took the lead since the very beginning of the game, getting a +10 points of advantage on first round. Second round came in and nothing really did change at all, except that we made fewer points and they got 6. So it ended 14-7 in our favor, winning the series 2-1. 

First Win at Gamergy Madrid

This was one of the best matches we ever had. As we were friends, in between the maps we had some fun talking about how the previous battle went. I think that even if you don’t win, the positive aspect of an offline tournament of competitive Call of Duty is all these new friends you meet. 

Back to what I was talking about; when we were about to play our next match, the referee informed us that we were to play a Bo1 also called a 1nD (1 and done) and not a Bo3, due to the delay between games. So that meant that the one who won the map wins the serie. Well: They swept us up 2-8 in an Uplink Evac match, meaning that we were out of the tournament. 

Gamergy december 2015 - SDG in combat

This got into my nerves, not for losing, but for playing just 1 map when 3 are supposed to be played. Playing in this organization’s events seems to remain a kind of risky, so I doubt we will play this ever again on this open LAN. On the other hand, despite my disappointment with the referees, at these events it is besides the results also important having fun with everyone; something that we did. 

Ending this review, I would like to thank the organization SD-Gaming for all their support. In spite of not achieving our goals, they kept us cheering us up, whatever happened. 

Written by Alvaro Riaza “Riacha”, TC of SDG Team Burn.

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