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It was a big day, Saturday October 4th. Early in the morning our members of the SDG League of Legends team departed to Antwerp. Our League of Legends team entered the semifinals / finals of the tournament Game Force. Qualifying was enforced through an online competition where good known teams participated. Besides SD Gaming also Hyperfocus, ECVisualize and SectoroneNova qualified themselves.

Gameforce 2014

Around 10 pm the first team members arrived at the Waagnatie, a charming old building in Antwerp, which was transformed into a two-game exhibition halls, and a prominent stage for our players at the head of the second hall. After the necessary work on the technique the kickoff was at 11am. The same technique proved to be an intractable third opponent: The communication between the players (at least in SDG) was very difficult to hear so that the team tactics were subordinate to the individual qualities.

The battle could begin! There would be played two death matches in the semifinals: SCE vs SDG and Hyperfocus vs SectoroneNova. The winners play the finals, the losers would fight for a third place. SD Gaming was facing ECVisualize, the winner of FoM 16.1 (where we ranked third). So an already well-known and excellent opponent. Despite the technical difficulties, we started strong and put ECV in a disadvantage. 1-0 SDG! The hall was loaded, every chair was taken and we almost could taste the first idea of a victory.

SDG at Game Force 2014

But soon the technical problems were a big problem for the team communication. ECV had the advantage of some very strong individual players. The team tactics could not be communicated properly. Our SDG-team therefore sometimes was visibly frustrated. "A lesson to learn"! ECV took the lead and managed to keep this to a sound victory. The battle was lost for our boys. 

Disappointed but combative our SDG team was ready for the "small final", but to our dismay the battle for the third place was moved to a specified time and online, to settle at home. Game Force pity, because you did not have fun with the many existing fans and players! With an uneasy feeling we took leave of Antwerp and went home.

Ingame - Gamerforce semifinals

A few days later the SDG League of Legends team played in the evening online for third place. The fight could be followed live: it was streamed by Carl van Oppens. Our team crushed the opponent. Hyperfocus was taken down in two games (the small final was a best of three). A 27-12 was soon followed by a 21-2. The third place was for our SDG League of Legends team. Congratulations guys! On to our next event: to Drachten. On to The Reality!

NOTE: Game Force never handed over the third price to our LoL Team. Shame on them.


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