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April 2014: for the first time in the (quite short) history of our very young organization, we attended the Party 12.0, one of the biggest tournaments in The Netherlands. Every half year we see thousands of gamers attending the Party and having a great time. SDG - being e new org in the e-sports scene - asked itself the 1 million dollar question: How would our CSGO team cope with the stress and the expectations ofter FoM 16.0? And could our brand new LoL team be a worthy opponent of the already long existing competitors?


The Part 12.0 The Hall

Arriving around 19.00 hours in a hectic but enthusiastic environment at the Eindhoven Beursgebouw, we took some time to make ourselves at home and to discuss the team’s strategies. After installing our equipment and playing for warming up, we were ready to battle for victory & glory.

Ready? Go! --- Our CS:GO team

Both our teams did not face problems in the beginning; easy wins were our part in the first rounds. Then the CSGO team met their first serious challenge: the next match was against ruz3 gaming, a worthy competitor from Belgium. It was a hell of a fight but we won the game. 

Next opponent was Nodachi, again a very experienced team. As the match quickly became an exciting and fanatic battle, it was in the end Nodachi – however our team fought like devils - managed to make the difference. They won the game by winning the final map.

For our CSGO team this was a big disappointment, leading to an unexpected loss on their last match. 

Final result of our CSGO team at The Party 12.0: a fifth ranking.  Not what we aimed for, but Team Captain Moritz “Radical3i” showed the audience that our new organization with his new team is a promising combination. Watch out, see the next tournaments! It was not without reason that Granted TV interviewed our CSGO Team Captain.

The Party 12.0 Interview SDG by Granted

Ready? Go! --- Our League of Legends team

Als our LoL team did not face problems in the beginning; easy wins were our part in the first rounds. Next our LoL team played their match against Divine Gaming, a well-known name in the Dutch e-sports. Fighting on the edge, one step away from defeat, a great comeback changed it all and brought us the victory! Believe me, this generated quite some media attention. ESL interviewed Team Captain Norbert “Norb” on Twitch TV.

Also in the next match against ECVisualize, a notorious killer team, LoL survived in a miraculous way and won the game with a superb comeback. Unfortunately, the famous LowlandLions were in the next battle far too good to repeat our successes, and also the rematch against ECVisualize was lost by our excited but also exhausted team. 

Final result of our new League of Legends team: We did score the third price! Not bad at all, don't you think?

The Party 12.0 3rd place for SDG LoL team

What do we think?

We can conclude that the Party 12.0 was a successful entry for SDG in many ways:

  • the teams managed to score decently,
  • a lot of media attention was generated and
  • SDG established its name as a young, new organization with a promising future.

We'll meet again!

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