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Vamir, the NetherlandsHey there, Im Flors "Vamir" Tuijn, team captain of Team SDG Sanity.

Team Sanity started about two years ago, the purpose of the team is straight forward. Getting better at the game in both team and solo skill, and claiming top seats on online and lan tournaments.

When we started our team we ended up joining the ranks of Mouse Control as a amateur team, due the falling out in the league side of Mouse Control we where forced to look for another active Organisation. and we ended up at Villains and quickly became the 2nd team that respresented Villains as an Organisation.

Our first lan as a team was Frag o Matic 17,1. Short after FoM, Villains however stopped with competitive gaming and kept going as a community, obviously that wasn't the environment we were looking for and so our journey for a new organisation began. 

After having several offers from different organizations our best pick was Slightly Different Gaming (SDG), due to their reputation of loyalty and consistency. Now we proudly represent SDG as their main League of Legends team in the Benelux.

I believe that there are a lot of potential players in the Benelux that can achieve the top, that could get a career in competitive league of legends. Sadly is seems hard to get into decent team and achieving the top in the Benelux. And next to that you also have to stay together and commit to be better as a team, before you even begin thinking about going into the European scene. I don't see this as impossible; I'd rather look at this as a challenge.

I'm SDG Vamir, and I can proudly say I'm the supporting player of SDG Sanity.

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