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Best of War, the NetherlandsMy name is Leon 'Best of War' Ruiter, I am 16 years old and I am the Midlaner of the SDG League of Legends Team Sanity. I love playing LoL.

I've been playing LoL since the end of season 3 and I started playing Midlane when I saw Alex Ich playing Kayle in LCS, one-shotting people with her and I wanted to do that too. I was a Kayle one trick pony for a long time (over 400 games). 

I started playing for SDG Sanity because I want to improve. Vamir picked me up because he saw potential in my attitude and performance. 

There was a pyramid system with C, B and Sanity (Sanity being the top). I started at team C where they noticed I performed well so they put me in team B. This was a great experience for me as I learned a lot. Soon after this Vamir asked me on trial for team Sanity as their Midlaner could no longer play. I accepted and after 1 week he told me I was now officially part of the team, and till this day I still am.

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