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Aurangzeb Durrani lives in Pakistan and is one of the most diverse people we know. He describes himself as an ex-Professional Gamer / Game Journalist / Game Caster / Amateur Writer / Social Media Enthusiast and says: "Gaming is in my Genes". Aurangzeb gives his view on the answers at the above question.

Do they just get sick of the game, or do they not see a future playing professional eSports anymore? Or perhaps they want to go to college? What're the main reasons?


I have been a professional gamer and I retired from playing games professionally but I have not left the gaming industry. I would like to present some main reasons of retirement:

• Some people retire to get a real job to earn substantial income:

Not every professional player wins big tournaments. They do not earn enough prize money to do well in their personal life. So, they go for a real job after some gaming years.

• Slower reflexes with increasing age:

With passing age, the reflexes become slower which sometimes force the players to retire even though they wish to continue professional gaming. That time is real hard for any gamer cause they have to realize and acknowledge the irony of life.

• Finding a Gaming related job:

Many professional gamers like Heaton, Carn, Fatality and others go for the managerial or marketing side of the gaming industry. They either become Managers of their own team or form a new one. Some partners with the gaming gears manufacturing companies and work with them, sharing their expertise as to how they can enhance a particular product or a develop a new one for the gamers. Very few go for the bigger game like Fatality and start their own brand.

• Some people get bored of the games:

Very few of them actually get bored of the games. They give up the game they used to play and start playing a new one. Or, they just make gaming their hobby and not profession.

Source: My personal experience and friendship with Pro-Gamers of the industry. Thanks for reading this article,


Do you want to read more? Click on Aurangzeb Durrani


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