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Peter Gordijn and Maria Hannema founded the company Slightly Different Gaming VoF; with some support of consultancy company Slightly Different B.V. This was the start of the brand SD-Gaming (SDG) in the Benelux. E sports is a fast growing worldwide branch and entertains many millions of people. How will SDG make the difference?

SDG logo The beginning

Peter Gordijn is one of the founders of Slightly Different Gaming (In short SDG).  Peter was born & raised in Almere, the city where he still lives. Summer 2013 he discussed his longstanding dream with some investors and after a thorough market research they agreed to assist with a start up in the offline gaming industry: SDG. Initially financed by Slightly Different B.V., a Dutch consultancy company, but also by the enthusiastic participants who work at this very moment all voluntary at SDG. 

SDG logo Founder Peter Gordijn

Peter's role - as founder of SDG - is being the Director Benelux and therefore the main responsible person of this young, promising and enthusiastic E-sports organization. You probably already got the point that gaming is his passion. 

Peter: "At a very young age gaming was already part of my life and I knew since that very moment, I wanted to give everything to achieve successes. As a player in my youth and now, as a grown-up, being a Director of my own company in this industry”.

SDG logo Co-founder Maria Hannema

Maria Hannema is co-founder of SDG. Maria is limited in time due to her time consuming study. Her qualities include a good mastering of English; quite useful in a Dutch but international orientated organization with English as corporate language.

Maria: “With the BBC channel on at home all the time, I learned English really fast. During high school and college I had no problem with any of the assignments or tests and passed them with great grades. And it's only natural to be part of my own organization, even if that is at the background only”.

SDG logo SDG

SDG is an international orientated organization, founded in Almere, the Netherlands, and is active in the branch e-Sports. The objective of SDG is offering high-level entertainment and excitement through playing online and offline tournaments of various Games. SDG developed itself since the founding into a solid based, fully equipped & professional organization with a vision and a mission. (See Mission Statement.) SDG is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Authorities as well and fulfills all legal obligations (See Company Data). 

At the moment of publicing SDG exists of multiple management & support volunteers, and is represented by CSGO, CoD - and LoL teams. SDG will continue to expand and will start playing also in other countries and globally popular games in the e-Sports scene.

For their media-channels (like Website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) SDG produces their own content (video, photo or text ) about the organization, gamers, events, fans, stakeholders and any other e-sports related topic, to serve our fans and stakeholders. Guestwriters are invited to present their view on E sports related topics.

SDG logo E sports

E-sports stands for electronic sports. e-Sports is the competitive branch of gaming and has become a valuable and widely accepted sports section. Worldwide there are tournaments and competitions organized.

SDG logo What makes SDG different?

SDG has based it's goals and organization on thorough market research and a sound business plan. We are not working ad-hoc; we have a clear vison on what to achieve and a well-planned time path for the next years.

The Management & Staff is also a perfect mix.  Our organization consists of young eager men, grown up with gaming as an essential part of their life and elder well-experienced business men, familiar with strategy, structures, finance & control, law and commerce. 

Look around you, there are not many organizations in Europe who meet these criteria.

That makes a difference.

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