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The SDG LoL team goes to : Frag-o-Matic! As we arrived at the event we set up our gear, put our stuff in the sleeping hall and we started our time at the LAN. As usual, we first started greeting everyone we knew and then started our time at the LAN. On a side note, we couldn't help but compare FoM to The Party, and we thought that The Party was better.

Not too long after we arrived we already had to play our first few matches in the group stage. These were no problem because we were matched with low ranked teams, so the group stage was basically free.

The Reality 2014 - Our SDG LoL team

After the group stages we had the bracket games and our first match was versus Divinity Gaming Optimus. We played that game very well and finished the game systematically. Our second match was versus Mouse Control, one of the stronger contenders. We lost this game mostly because we picked the wrong setup.

The Reality 2014 - SDG LoLteam playing

As we arrived in the losers bracket our first match was versus Sector One Arrows, which was a stomp for us. After that we had to face Granted. At first we thought that the game would be hard because they had a really good siege composition but through fine calls and plays we managed to win rather cleanly.

Arriving at the playoffs for guaranteed 3rd place or ending 4th we had to play versus LowLandLions, a very well-known name within the Benelux. We pretty much had this game won from the pick and ban phase already. They picked a single threat team, so we camped that lane and won.

The Reality 2014 - The final

Coming up next is ECVisualize Academy, the winners of this tournament. We quickly came to a defeat because our communication was just terrible, concluding into a 2-0 loss which placed us 3rd in the LoL tournament.

In between the games we had discussions and we all agreed that we got better at the game through this LAN. It helps to play against good teams when you want to improve. We got to know each other better, which in the end should help us synergize and get even better.

Of course, aside from our team we have our fellow 3rd place brothers: the SDG CS:GO team. Some of us knew them better than others but in the end having multiple teams from the same organization makes the LAN more fun. It also gave you a team to root for when you’re looking at other games.

The Reality 2014 - SDG League of Legends 3rd place

In the end we got 3rd place on our first LAN with the current lineup. We thought it was pretty good, considering this LAN was practically the hardest benelux LAN ever. Of course we wanted to get better but we simply couldn't at this LAN. It was a good LAN and we'll improve more and try to get first place in the upcoming LAN, Reality 15.


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