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Welcome to the world of SD-Gaming ©. Here we share our interests, experiences & opinions and here you can follow our teams & players. Let us surprise and inspire you. ENJOY!

SD-Gaming (SDG ©) is a young and growing E-Sports organisation founded January 2014. SDG has it's base in Almere (BNL) and Brunssum (RoE). The very first year we focussed on being represented by teams in the Benelux. The second year we expanded our representation on the battlefields with teams in Spain and Denmark. We have teams playing in Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty, League Of Legends, and soon more... SDG will expand ...

We focus not only on Gaming and spreading E sports related content, but SDG will also start with E sports Events, Interactive platforming, Multi Media Marketing & Sales and Consultancy.

We aspire to help talented gamers grow and bring success to our teams. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Management & Staff of SD-Gaming.

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