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February 2014 SD Gaming (SDG) presented their very first team: with huge ambitions and a clear vision this SDG CSGO team was going to compete against established big names in the scene. This first line up consisted of radical3i, Imprez, RALPHiE, Razzeh and Milaanz, assisted by Team Manager Pine.

Team Benelux CSGO mark1

This line-up was changed after the somehow a bit disappointing results at the first tournaments (Frag-o-Matic 16.0, TheParty 12) and the Mark Two line-up was created by TC RadicaL3i and Imprez. New team members were: CRUC1AL, Dono and Arcane. This line up scored pretty nice, like the 3rd place at the Belgium Frag-o-matic 16.1 and the 7/8th place at the famous French tournament LanExperience 19.

SDG Team CS:GO Benelux, mark 2

However, the team was not stable yet, leading to a turbulent period ending November 2015 when TC Radical3i presented finally Mark 3: a promising CS:GO team including NexFox, Bernard, Ync and Xillian. It took only some months to see this line up wasn't working when playing on behalf of SDG. A new line up was set up after several months of reconsidering the team's goal and needed attitude. We are confident that this team of TC Dono is worth while.

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