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Rene TreurIt has been awhile since we last spoke with René Treur, former competitive CS player and currently the most popular CS host and commentator in the Benelux. A lot has changed in a year, so we decided to catch up with him once again, especially as he recently started a project to help earthquake victims in Nepal with his girlfriend.

ChristmasSDG had the honor to meet the mysterious, one and only Mr. Claus; well-known by many for ages, but seen by very few. Being one of the major distributors of many games during the last 30 years we thought an interview with him would be more than appropriate. So we met him at his residence somewhere at the North Pole

LanExperience FranceFrance, a country few Dutch teams dare to play. We were curious. One of our CSGO Benelux teams, will play at LanExperience (aka LanEX). SDG goes abroad for the first time in our – still very short – history. After half a year of playing and improving, our CSGO team is one of the top 3 teams in the Benelux and the best Benelux team at Frag-o-Matic 16.1.

Interview The Reality, TimThe Reality in Drachten, the Netherlands is a non Profit LAN Party organization, which opened its doors in 2014 for the 15th time. The theme for this year was "MEDIC". There were several fun activities such as the wheel of fortune, a raffle and a hex Athlon with a stretcher race. And - as usual - there were this year the necessary Compo's played.

FoM InterviewAs we sat in the sun on this beautiful Sunday the 13th in Wieze, a small town in Belgium, we exchanged on this last play-day of the Frag-o-matic Tournament many thoughts and ideas about gamers, people in common, the development of the game-scene and the challenges and opportunities in the future. 

FoM InterviewFrag-o-Matic (FoM) is a series of gaming tournaments which take place two times a year, organized by E-Events. It's the biggest Belgian gaming LAN-event since quite a few years now. Started in 1999, they counted up till now to 16.1. Brought to the audience for the 16th year in a row up and their second festival in 2014: Frag-o-Matic is an institute in the Belgian gaming world.

Steven LeunensOctober 4, 2014, a warm sunny Saturday. SD-Gaming went to Antwerp to have a short interview with Steven Leunens. Steven is the organizer of the exhibition Game Force, first edition.

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