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January 2017: We love starting our new year strong! For a few months we were looking for a way to promote and advertise our organisation as an unique brand to our fans and our partners as well. We seemed to find that solution in the form of a group of lovely and talented young ladies, led by Lynsey "QueenSalt" van Bergen! The ladies will be enforcing the CSGO department with their talents and charms but are definitely active in various games as well during their Twitch live streams!

The teamcaptain:

"After a long discussion with the team we decided to join the SD-Gaming as their official media team. SDG fits perfectly in the bigger picture that we have as a team, they were looking for a media team which is able to strengthening their promotional causes and they offered us this opportunity to fulfil the opening! Our goal for 2017 is to stream as much as possible (as a team and as individuals), producing vlogs and participating at (LAN)events."

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