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CoD Team Burn

Our first Spanish Call of Duty team was founded in October 2014. This was our introduction:

SDG is proud to introduce her Spanish Call of Duty team. Machine, Kromacy, Alonex and Jomanaca are our first representatives in Spain. Welcome guys! Please support them and follow them on Twitch via our SDG stream as well as their private stream “itsmachineluv”. We will keep you up-to-date via postings on Facebook, Twitter and our Website.

SDG CoD Team Black Spain

Starting the experiment with Team Black, they realised some nice results in Spain at online ladders (1st place at UMG Winter, 4th place at LVP, season 8 sprint 1) and even in France at an online cup (1st place). But despite these successes TC Matias - a dedicated and loyal member of SDG - decided in the Summer of 2015 to retire. With regrets we accepted the resignation and looked around for a reliable & worthy follow up to become our main team in Spain. We met Alvaro and his team and discussed the possibilities. After some good conversations about the organisation SDG, the Spanish team, our mutual goals and the way we want to achieve them, we came to an agreement. SDG Team Burn was a fact.

SDG Team Burn Spain

At the G-finity Cup (september/oktober 2015) Team Burn managed to reach the quarterfinals, and at the G-finity ladder that same month Team Burn achieved a shared 5-8th place amidst 70 international competitors! After those nice results online, they also had their first offline event in December, which gives us the possibility to present them also as a team (LupiiZLee could not attend, his stand in was FranZz). The results btw where good: quarterfinals, where they lost in a sudden-death from one of the strongest teams present.

SDG CoD Team Burn offline in Spain

These guys of Team Burn have a promising future. Com'on, make your dreams come true guys! 2016: Gamergy, LPG, the SDG team was there and battled with European competitors. Ending up 5th at Gamergy and 3th/4rd at MLG fall, is quite a strong performance!

Team Burn is ready for season 2017: follow the adventures of our members Alvara, Sparky, Mero & GeNiiuZ at Twitter @AlvaroRiaza3, @OhMySparky, @SDGMeRo & @GeNiiuZT1

SDG Burn 2017

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