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SDG announced April 2014 their 2nd team, built around core duo Jungler Norb & ADC Brenash, both well-known players in the LoL-scene. The line-up? Norb, Kefsnor, Neverdown, Brenash & KawaiiStorm. The Party 12 was the first serious trial for our new team and it proved to be a success. Being an outsider, they managed to become 3rd and experienced quite some media attention. 

SDG LoL Team mark 1

After this first event the team decided improvements where still necessary. As a consequence Kawaiistorm announced that he could no longer be the team’s role of Support. The search for a new team member started and finally they agreed on Kialys. But the team faced a setback once again. Mid-Laner Neverdown had to step away from the game due to personal issues. After a thorough selection AP Mid entered the team

SDG Team League of Legends mark 2

It is no surprise that this new team proved their potential; twice a 3rd and once a 2nd place were the results in the second half year of 2014. However, SDG ended the corporation with this team in the very beginning of 2015 due to lack of commitment to the company values.

It was till October 2015 SDG searched for the right new line-up. We finally established Mark 3 with the undermentioned new crew of Team Sanity. We are proud to present them as our main League of Legends team in the Benelux. We are convinced they have the potential to be one of the top teams in the Benelux!

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