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SDG wants to play an important guiding role within five years by establishing, expanding and maintaining a successful, profitable organization within the leisure industry electronic sports (e-Sports); an international niche of the gaming industry.

Environmental conditions

The gaming industry (as a whole) has become the largest industry in the world in only a few decades: In 2012 the game industry surpassed the film industry. The film industry needed almost a century to develop itself (and still is developing) towards it’s current major position in our society.

Widespread and rapidly advancing digitalization, global spread of broadband Internet and the rapid growth of mobile platforms offer unprecedented opportunities. In conjunction with Virtual Reality and 3D experience, the environmental factors are so inevitably favorable that the gaming industry is expected to continuously grow for decades.

E-Sports will achieve within the next two decades the same level as currently commercially viable sports like European soccer or American baseball and will be a mature & major business in a similar manner as those sports.


SDG focuses on gaming teams in different game types. League of Legends, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Dota, Heartstone and StarCraft are games which will be entered during 2014/2015. SDG also focuses equally on spreading content about e-sports and all related topics, to serve our audience and our stakeholders.

Second objective of SDG and it's sistercompanies is the organizing of E-Sports events within the near future. A cross-over with other popular events is part of the plans, and new elements will be introduced.

Third objective of SDG (and it's sistercompanies to be) is the selling of e-sports-related products, services and media expressions.


SDG is a combination of young whiz kids from the gaming scene, combined with experienced professionals and managers from the business world. Continuity and profitability are our goals, based on market analyses, business plan and a long-term planning, budgeting and cash flow forecasts. A relatively unknown phenomenon in the local region and in Europe.

SDG focuses on the immense and rapidly growing worldwide group of gamers.  Expectations are that the growth of this group will continue for app. 3 decades; it will eventually stabilize around 65% to 85% of the world population actively playing videogames. Obviously this immense group exists of recreational as well as professional gamers. This will ultimately require further diversification of our organization and its objectives.

The activities in the areas of Gaming, Commerce and Support are carried out through different organizations and by a team of employees, each of them with his/her own specialty. They support our goals in any way we define as useful.

Core Values

  • Slightly Different Gaming believes in the core values Ambition, Creativity, Engagement, Quality and Reliability. "Excellence in performing" is the result we strive for.
  • Ambition: The strong will and tireless efforts of each person creates a stable foundation for successful act in unexpected situations in a very dynamic market
  • Creativity: Curious, open minded, out of the box and innovative thinking creates a added value in comparison to our competitors
  • Engagement: Passion, enthusiasm, empathy and a positive approach towards needs, opportunities and problems that we face during our journey as man, woman and organization
  • Quality: With a good product, service, communication and collaboration with colleagues, customer and partner we ensure stable relationships
  • Reliability: Do what you say and say what you do is our motto. This attitude provides confidence in our organization and our people.

We also believe that being reliable is not only a matter of faith. We offer contracts to our teams in which we clearly describe what we offer and what we ask. We also offer the possibility of a long term relationship between teams and organization. Growing together is our goal. Being ONE team is another goal. 

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