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We managed to make it to MLG’s Fall Season Playoffs, where only the best 32 European teams can get in. Although we had some difficulties to assure our spot in this tournament, we ended up being in one of the best positions of Playoffs, as we got a Top-4 seeding. So, with an overall record of 52-11 during the season, our path in this tournament started. For this tournament, our team members were @OhMySparky, @SDGMeRo, @RubenRyuzTT and @AlvaroRiaza3 (Captain).

SDG Burn MLG ladder position

The first match result in a Free Win for us due to the opponent’s nonappearance. Our second match wasn’t the toughest one, but it was intense anyways, going Hardpoint 250-149 on our side and 6-1 Search and Destroy. After reaching quarter finals, we faced off “Verv Gaming”, a team which we had no clue about them but they were a very strong one, as the forced the 3rd and last map Hardpoint end up being 250-118 for us, meaning a 1-0 in the global series. We thought the SnD would be similar but we got 6-0'd very badly which woke up us and let us know the importance of the series. Uplink started and first side was very slow, with a global scoreboard of 1-2. After 5 tough minutes, we won the map 6-2 and that meant making it to the Semifinals.

Semifinals were the hardest. The number 1 of the tournament played against us, and although it was a hard series, we lost 184-250 Hardpoint and 3-6 Search and Destroy. Despite we didn’t give the best of us, we made a Top 3/4, a very good placement in our opinion. 

SDG Burn stats MLG fall 2016

It has been proven that all the effort we have been putting during the year had a lot of value and playing and scrimming with foreign team has taught us a lot of how this game has to be played. In case you would like to see the full streaming of the tournament, you can check it out (Sparky’s Point of View).

This season has been and will be very difficult for us, as most teammembers have decisive exams which will determine our future, so we have to spend more time to studies. Anyways, with the Top-5 we made in Gamergy, this season also looks good for us, and only 2 months have gone. I’m sure this will be a great year with a lot of achievements. Thanks for all the support given.


Yours sincerely,

Álvaro “Riaza” Riaza, SDG.BURN’S Captain.


MLG Fall Season Playoffs – SDG.BURN


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